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  1. The Southern Front (Arabic: الجبهة الجنوبية ‎) was a Syrian rebel alliance consisting of 54 or 58 Syrian opposition factions affiliated with the Free Syrian Army, established on 13 February 2014 in southern Syria
  2. South Syria: past ~24 hours in Daraa province: - body of pro-Assad fighter from Raqqa found on Damascus Highway, kidnapped & executed (1) - a soldier (sergeant) from Sywauda shot dead by gunmen in the E. countryside on road near Al-Shuah while going to his checkpoint (2
  3. 08.10.2020 MAPS SYRIAN WAR Military Situation In Syria On October 8, 2020 (Map Update) 07.10.2020 VIDEOS TURKEY Armenians Fight Back Against Azerbaijani Advance, Strike Key Oil Pipeline 07.10.2020 MAPS IRAQI WAR Military Situation In Iraq On October 7, 2020 (Map Update

#SYRIA; #NAGORNO-KARABAKH WAR; #LIBYA; #UKRAINE; HOT. EDITOR'S CHOICE. Donate. Donate. Donate. YOUR SUPPORT IS CRITICAL TO KEEP SOUTHFRONT ALIVE. Since October 1, SouthFront has collected 1721 USD. This is about 34.42% of the minimal budget needed to continue our work next month. If you have technical problems with making donation, please, write to info@southfront.org to get detailed help. SouthFront TV 30.01.2020-1,411 views. 0 (0 votes) Syrien Kriegsbericht - 29. Januar 2020: Die syrische Armee kommt in Schwung in Idlib und Aleppo . Donate. Am 28. Januar befreiten Einheiten der syrischen Armee, angeführt von der 25th Sepcial Forces Division, die Stadt Maarat an-Numan, die Wadi Al-Deif Militärbasis und umliegende Dörfer von Hayat Tahrir al-Sham und weiteren mit Al-Qaida in. Tag Archives: syria. HOT 30.08.2017. Kriegsbericht Syrien - 30. August 2017: Syrische Armee rückt nordöstlich von as-Suchna vor. Wenn es Ihnen möglich ist und Ihnen unsere Inhalte und Ansatz gefallen dann unterstützen Sie bitte das Projekt. Unsere Arbeit HOT 17.08.2017. Kriegsbericht Syrien - 17. August 2017: Der Iran baut in Syrien eine Langstreckenraketen-Fabrik. Wenn es Ihnen. 22.09.2020 VIDEOS SYRIAN WAR Turkish-backed Syrian Militants Prepare To Participate In Azerbaijani-Armenian Conflict 22.09.2020 MAPS SYRIAN WAR Military Situation In Syria On September 22, 2020 (Map Update) 21.09.2020 MAPS SYRIAN WAR Artillery Fire Exchange Continues in Syria's Greater Idlib (Map Update

  1. #SYRIA; #NAGORNO-KARABAKH WAR; #LIBYA; #UKRAINE; HOT. EDITOR'S CHOICE. Donate. Category: #YEMEN. #MAPS 12-12.10.2020. Ansar Allah Recaptured Military Base In Northern Yemen (Map Update) Ansar Allah continues its advance in northern and central Yemen. Ansar Allah and popular committees repelled Saudi-led coalition attacks on #MAPS 1-06.10.2020. Military Situation In Yemen On October 6 (Map.
  2. Im Januar 2017 hat das SouthFront Team eine Datenbank mit Militärkarten erstellt (maps.southfront.org). Abonnenten können in der Datenbank bequemer durch die auf southfront.org hochgeladenen Militärkarten navigieren. Im Moment können unsere Abonnenten die Karten nach Kategorien geordnet abrufen: Syrien, Irak, Jemen, Ukraine, Standorte der US-Flugzeugträgerkampfgruppen. Zudem sind die.
  3. SouthFront, Analysis & Intelligence closely monitors reports about the Russian military presence in Syria to reveal the truth over this topic. #MIDDLEEAST 1 - 21.09.2015 International Military Review - Syria, Sep. 21, 2015: Forecasting the Syrian Wa
  4. WORLD CONFLICTS (SYRIAN WAR, YEMENI WAR, IRAQI WAR AND OTHER CONFLICTS) IN MAPS. #AFGHANISTAN 14.10.2020. Taliban Attack Leaves At Least 16 Dead Afghan Security Forces In Baghlan Province. On October 14th, clashes between Taliban and Afghan security forces left at least 16 dead and dozens wounded on the #FROMTHEFRONT 14.10.2020. Russian Warplanes Rained Hell On HTS Headquarters, Camps In.
  5. Southfront: Analysis & Intelligene explains his #RUSSIA 09.10.2015. US War Party Targets Putin and Assad. Hillary Clinton wants the U.S. to create a no-fly zone. John McCain has called for sending the Free Syrian Army surface-to-air #MIDDLEEAST 09.10.2015. What will the military operation in Syria do for Russia? Original by Dmitriy Yevstafyev published by lenta.ru; translated from.

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  1. History. South Front was originally launched on YouTube in late 2014 while the news website was added in June 2015. The stated reason for the creation of the project were to dig out the truth on issues which are barely covered by states and the mainstream media.. It is the news that has most contributed to the popularity of South Front
  2. SouthFront. Do you like this content? Consider helping us! Moderate Rebellen beißen Hand, die sie füttert. 2 türkische Soldaten in Idlib getötet. Milizen sabotieren türkisch-russische Patrouillen - Neue syrische Armeeoffensive in Idlib unvermeidlich . Eskalation oder De-Eskalation? Perspektiven des russisch-türkischen Idlib-Abkommens. Vom Iran unterstützte Streitkräfte erhöhen.
  3. Syrian Warfare - PC-Spiel nach Entfernung wieder im Steam-Store verfügbar Nachdem das Strategiespiel Syrian Warfare vom russischen Entwicklerstudio Cats who play aus dem Steam-Store wegen angeblichen Urheberrechtsverletzungen entfernt wurde
  4. SouthFront reports Four US service members were slightly injured during a standoff with the Russian Military Police near the border-town of Al-Malikiyah in the Syrian province of al-Hasakah. According to reports, the US troops received mild injures after their MaxxPro MRAP vehicle collided with a Russian vehicle. US officials quoted by.

If the United States looks to southern Syria before it is too late, it could play a decisive role in turning the tide of the war. As U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's efforts to bring about a stable cease-fire keep hitting obstacles, now is the perfect time for Washington to revisit its strategy in the south. Though a military stalemate may persist in the north, progress may be possible. Syria (Arabic: سوريا ‎, romanized: Sūriyā), officially the Syrian Arab Republic (Arabic: الجمهورية العربية السورية ‎, romanized: al-Jumhūrīyah al-ʻArabīyah as-Sūrīyah), is a country in Western Asia, bordering Lebanon to the southwest, the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Turkey to the north, Iraq to the east, Jordan to the south, and Israel to the southwest Syria; SouthFront: Syrian Army overruns more sites inside Aleppo city. By. Chris Tomson - 2016-12-06. 3. Yesterday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) repelled a massive counter-offensive by the newly formed Jaish Halab (Aleppo Army) rebel coalition at a handful of districts east of Aleppo Citadel. As both sides suffered heavy casualties during the back-and-forth clashes on Monday, the SAA's elite.

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  1. Syria; SouthFront: Syrian Army abandons campaign to capture Tabqa Airbase from ISIS. By. Chris Tomson - 2016-06-21. 14. Following a major Islamic State counter-offensive in western Raqqa, the Syrian Arab Army's (SAA) Military High Command has seen itself forced to order a large-scale retreat along Ithriya-Raqqa road to avoid having its western Raqqa salient cut off. While SAA commanders draw.
  2. SouthFront: Analysis The BBC has also been caught staging fake news about Syria to justify military intervention, and numerous other examples are occurring every single day. There is far too much dirty play from the western mass media that attempts to hide the real truth behind the causes that provoke the various conflicts facing the world today. They create a false image of a.
  3. Stay on top of Syria latest developments on the ground with Al Jazeera's fact-based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated maps
  4. Syrien (amtlich Syrische Arabische Republik, arabisch الجمهورية العربية السورية al-Dschumhūriyya al-ʿarabiyya as-sūriyya) ist ein Staat in Vorderasien und Teil des Maschrek.Syrien grenzt im Süden an Israel und Jordanien, im Westen an den Libanon und das Mittelmeer, im Norden an die Türkei und im Osten an den Irak
  5. Syrian Civil War Map: Get all visualized information on recent military gains and losses in Syria and Iraq. News about the war against ISIS and the latest interactive live map of the Syrian Civil War

If confirmed, this move will likely allow Syria to improve its relations with the Libyan National Army, the UAE and Egypt, and complicate Turkish plans to capture Srite. By. South Front-July 15, 2020. 0. 627. Share. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp . Linkedin. ReddIt. Email. Print. Tumblr. Digg from Southfront. The Syrian government seems to be deploying Pantsir-S1 air defense systems to Libya. SouthFront is one of the targets of this campaign. The pressure faced by our team is unprecedented. Despite this, our team is not going to surrender. Thanks to your support, SouthFront survived in the previous months and even was able to keep most of its coverage (including text analyses, exclusive videos, maps and infographics). Nonetheless. SouthFront: Syria - War for Oil, Version 2.0. By. South Front - December 9, 2015. 0. 654. Share. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Linkedin. ReddIt. Email. Print. Tumblr. Digg. Written by David Hungerford exclusively for SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence. The Balance Changes . Russia's entry into the war in Syria changed the military balance of the war in favor of the government. SouthFront: Syrian Military Vows to Resume Operations Against Militants. August 6, 2019 By NEWS WIRE Leave a Comment. SouthFront reports The new ceasefire agreement designed to cease hostilities in northwestern Hama and southern Idlib has just collapsed. On August 3, the leader of Hay'at Tahir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra), Abu Mohammad al-Julani, announced that his group would not. Auf der dritten Geberkonferenz für Syrien im März 2019 haben internationale Geldgeber insgesamt 6,2 Milliarden Euro zur Unterstützung der Geflüchteten in Syrien zugesagt. Die UN hatte 8,8 Milliarden Dollar gefordert, um die Millionen Vertriebenen in Syrien und den Nachbarländern zu versorgen. Wir betreiben gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern ein Krankenhaus und mehrere Basisgesundheitszentren.

Syrian Observatory For Human Rights 13:25 17-Oct-20. Syrian National Army killed a child in Ein Eisa city in Raqqa suburbs on October 16 Syrian Network for Human Rights 13:19 17-Oct-20. US drone strike kills two Al-Qaeda members in Syria Middle East Monitor 13:12 17-Oct-20. Report: Fires Turn Syrian Resorts, Fields Into Ashes Asharq Al-awsat 12:13 17-Oct-20. Inmate Released from Kurdish Prison. Syria Direct is an independent journalism organization that produces timely, credible coverage of Syria while training a small group of highly talented, aspiring Syrian and international journalists in professional news-gathering and accurate, in-depth reporting. As a result of agenda-free funding, our focus is on providing credible, original. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu South Front has great PR and well done graphics. Their product is core of Sputnik and RT narratives repackaged to sell to a new audience. Learn some Arabic, follow offensives on Twitter for (semi) reliable information on what is happening in Syria. The about us page is an attempt to masquerade their agenda as simply one of open source. South Front does not disclose ownership, however, the domain is registered in Russia, there is an email address with the .ru extension and donations via Paypal are in Russian, Пожертвовать на southfront@list.ru, Цель: Any amount donation. In other words, this source does not disclose they are from Russia and try hard to hide that fact. Revenue is derived through.

SouthFront TV 1,999 views. 3:45. How A Shootout In Syria Shows A Precarious Position For US Troops - Duration: 4:33. Newsy 16,750 views. 4:33. Syria: Northeastern stretch of M4 highway reopens. SouthFront Foreign Policy Diary - Syrian War. 6375 Views May 14, 2015 17 Comments South Front News The Saker. The Essential Saker IV: Messianic Narcissism's Agony by a Thousand Cuts. Order Now . The Essential Saker III: Chronicling The Tragedy, Farce And Collapse of the Empire in the Era of Mr MAGA . Order Now . Tagged. Southfront Foreign Policy Diary; Leave a Reply. Click here to cancel. Syria; SouthFront: Syrian Army liberates large area in eastern Damascus. By. Chris Tomson - 2016-05-20. 3. Over the past week, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has captured a number of villages in rural Damascus, these include: Noulah, Deir al-Asafir, Zebdeen, Hawsh ad-Duwayr, Buzaynah, Hosh al-Katib and Harasta al-Qantara. In turn, rebel forces have lost approximately 20% of the East Ghouta pocket. Middle East expert Ghassan Kadi and Syrian journalist Basma Qaddour have taken a look at the Russo-Syrian strategic partnership's achievements and plans. 13:25 GMT 03.10.2020. Erdogan Threatens to Launch New Operation in North Syria If Kurdish Units Remain. ANKARA (Sputnik) - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday that Ankara was ready to launch another military operation to.

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  1. SouthFront: Syrian Army focused on 'mother of all battles' to liberate Aleppo city. By. Chris Tomson - 2016-09-23. 21. Following the rapid collapse of the ceasefire in Syria, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has turned its attention to Syria's largest city of Aleppo. Major reinforcements have arrived on the outskirts of rebel-held districts in eastern Aleppo; More than 1,750 soldiers from the.
  2. SouthFront. Visit SouthFront Analysis and Intelligence. US State Department Offers $4.5m Grant to Investigate Civilian Casualties in Syria and Iraq . This is further evidence that the US.
  3. South Front The Israeli Air Force conducted a second round of missiles strikes on Syria in less than a week. Late on September 2, Israeli warplanes launched missiles at the T4 airport in the province of Homs. According to Syria's state media, the strikes were conducted from the direction of the US-controlled zone of al-Tanf on the Syrian-Iraqi border. Syrian pro-government sources claimed.
  4. Video: US-led Coalition Struck Syrian Army Checkpoint after US Patrol Was Blocked in Northeastern Syria By South Front, August 19, 2020 . Video: Rain of Rockets Hits US Forces in Iraq. Israeli-UAE Peace Deal Crumbles Days after Its Announcement By South Front, August 19, 2020 . Belarus Kicks Off Large-scale Military Drills Near Poland, Lithuania By South Front, August 17, 2020 . Evolution of.
  5. Become a patron of SouthFront today: Get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world's largest membership platform for artists and creators. Skip navigation. Log in. Create on Patreon. Log in. SouthFront. Become a patron. SouthFront is creating an independent military and political analysis . Select a membership level. SouthFront Army Fighter. $5. per month. Join. SouthFront.
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Latest news from Syria as covered by the Guardian. News and stories about the country, people and politic Southfront - Syrien & Irak, 1. April 2016. 3. April 2016 proletheus Sonstige Nachrichten, Syrien 0. Southfront - Syrien & Irak. German text by Klausi452. Die Techniker der Syrischen Armee haben damit begonnen, den Flughafen von Palmyra zu reparieren, um dort wieder Routineaktivitäten und Operationen ausführen zu können. Der Flughafen wird eine wichtige Flugbasis für die Flugzeuge und.

Southfront - Syrien & Irak, 1. April 2016 3. April 2016 proletheus Sonstige Nachrichten, Syrien 0. German text by Klausi452 Die Techniker der Syrischen Armee haben damit begonnen, den Flughafen von Palmyra zu reparieren, um dort wieder Routineaktivitäten und Operationen ausführen zu können. Der Flughafen wird eine wichtige Flugbasis für die . Syrien OVKS greift im Irak und Syrien ein 23. SouthFront. 119 likes. SouthFront is a trusted provider of critical support services, including aviation, complex logistical support, risk consulting and medical Southfront: Syria Continues to Slam Terrorists, Retaliate Against Turkey While Trump Cowers. By. South Front-March 15, 2018. 5. 4201. Share. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Linkedin. ReddIt. Email. Print. Tumblr. Digg. Editors note: There are two key issues in this short video for news hungry readers/viewers. First of all, Nikki Haley's threats to attack Syria several days ago if the march on.

Kurdish Radicals Try To Burn Russian-Turkish Patrol. Syrian War Report - November 19, 2019: Kurdish Radicals Try To Burn Russian-Turkish Patrol Kurdish provocateurs have tried to burn a Typhoon MRAP vehicle of the Russian Military Police and a Kirpi MRAP vehicle of the Turkish Army in northern Syria South Front: Analysis & Intelligence (SF) is a public analytical project maintained by an independent team of experts from four corners of the earth. SF focuses on international relations and crises working through a number of media platforms. They provide military operations analysis and other important data where crisis points affect tensions between countries and nations. They dig out truth. December 9 - Military Situation in Syria (Southfront.org) October 27 - Where the Raid on al-Baghdadi Took Place in Syria (New York Times) October 23 - Map Comparison: Turkish-US Safe Zone vs. Turkish-Russian Safe Zone In Northeastern Syria (SouthFront.org) October 22 - Northern Syria (en.suriyegundemi.com

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South Front Networks Services. Interconnect. All SFN facilities are fully carrier neutral. Carriers can connect to any other carriers at set, predictable prices. Carriers can locate their equipment in the facility or just bring in their own fiber. Point to Point. Connect between SFN locations with ultra-high speed dedicated transport. Take your network to the next level with wavelengths from. SouthFront reports A brief overview of the recent developments in Syria: Russian air defense systems intercepted several unidentified aerial objects over the Hmeimim airbase; The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) denounced militant reports about chlorine gas usage in northern Lattakia; Militants are storming SAA positions near Hamiyat. An intense. Southfront - Militärbericht - Syrien und Irak, 14. März German text by Klausi452 Letztes Wochenende bombardierte die russische Luftwaffe weiterhin ISIS-Stellungen nahe der Stadt Palmyra in der Provinz Homs. Die Russischen Kampfflugzeuge bombardierten ISIS-Kämpfer nahe der Schnellstraße Sukhana-Palmyra und verursachten einen massiven Schaden an der Ausrüstung der Militanten Southfront lesen! die militärische Lage in Syrien ist weiter angespannt und hochkomplex. Mir ist nur eine Internet-Seite bekannt, die relevant und aktuell die Situation berichtet Southfront - Militärbericht - Syrien und Irak, 14. März German text by Klausi452 Letztes Wochenende bombardierte die russische Luftwaffe weiterhin ISIS-Stellungen nahe der Stadt Palmyra in der Provinz Homs. Die Russischen Kampfflugzeuge bombardierten ISIS-Kämpfer nahe der . Syrien Southfront: Palmyra 28. März 2016 28. März 2016 proletheus Syrien, Wichtiges 5. German text by Klausi452.

By South Front on January 8, 2016 from SouthFront The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have secured the village of Najarah in the Aleppo province after 8 days long clashes with ISIS militants there SouthFront International Military Review - Syrian/Iraqi Battlespace Nov 16th 2015 10894 Views November 16, 2015 40 Comments South Front News The Saker The Essential Saker IV: Messianic Narcissism's Agony by a Thousand Cut

southfront. Zurück zum Artikel. Hinterlasse jetzt einen Kommentar Kommentar hinterlassen Antworten abbrechen. Du musst angemeldet sein, um einen Kommentar abzugeben. Suche nach: Neueste Beiträge. R Wert springt in Deutschland nach oben: Warnung vor der zweiten Welle? 22. Juni 2020. Syria consumes 140,000 barrels per day (B/d) of oil as of the year 2016.; Syria ranks 68th in the world for oil consumption, accounting for about 0.1% of the world's total consumption of 97,103,871 barrels per day.; Syria consumes 0.34 gallons of oil per capita every day (based on the 2016 population of 17,465,575 people), or 123 gallons per capita per year (3 barrels) Der Bürgerkrieg in Syrien ist eine seit 2011 andauernde, bewaffnete Auseinandersetzung verschiedener Gruppen, die mit fortschreitender Dauer zunehmend unter Beteiligung von Drittstaaten stattfindet, die dabei auch eigene Interessen verfolgen. Den Streitkräften Syriens unter dem Kommando von Präsident Baschar al-Assad stehen bewaffnete Gruppierungen der Opposition gegenüber Template:Syrian Civil War detailed map. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Towns and strategic places: Villages and details: For all towns (size 7 or larger) and strategic places such as airfields, border-crossings, ports, dams, military bases and oil fields. For all villages (Size 6 or smaller) and detailed places such as hills, factories, neighborhoods and checkpoints. Purge server cache.

Internationaler Militärbericht Syrien & Irak - 2. März 2016 German text by Klausi452 Berichten zufolge sind über 400 IS Kämpfer während der Kämpfe bei Khannasa, verletzt oder getötet worden. Die Syrische Armee hat hingegen in den Kämpfen ungefähr 87 Soldaten verloren. Dieser Unterschied an Verlusten war nur möglich durch die Optimierung der Feuerkraft, Koordination und [ Syrien. Nachrichten, Analysen und Multimedia: Mehr lesen Sie auf Sputnik Deutschlan

Syria on Thursday reopened Damascus airport for regular international commercial traffic after a six-month halt due to the coronavirus pandemic, saying it had imposed strict health measures inside. Southfront Militärbericht Syrien & Irak - März 3, 2016. 4. März 2016 proletheus Kriege, Sonstige Nachrichten, Syrien 0. German text by Klausi452. Die Syrische Armee (SAA) hat eine Militäroperation gestartet, um das Dorf Kabani zu befreien, welches von al-Nusra. Al-Jaafari: Syria calls for making the Middle East a region free from Weapons of Mass destruction; Russian Foreign Ministry criticizes reports issued by OPCW about Syria as politicized and biased. SouthFront: US-Russian 'Road War' in Northeastern Syria - 21st Century Wire. 1 . Saudi soldiers enter northeastern Syria from neighboring Iraq. 1 · 1 comment . A Closer Look at the States that Stayed Open - AIER. 1 . Settled Science At The Guardian. 1 . Stock Market Technical Analysis August 28 2020. 1 . Imminent Take Off The Last Phase of a Bull Market . 1 . Reinfections and evidence.

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Kalashnikov Kamikaze Drone 'KUB-BLA' Battle-Tested In Syria (southfront.org) submitted 2 months ago by IntnsRed to r/EndlessWar. 1 comment; share; save; hide. report; 5. 11. 12. 13. Mysterious Drones Kill Militants In Greater Idlib (southfront.org) submitted 3 months ago by IntnsRed to r/EndlessWar. 2 comments; share; save ; hide. report; 6. 15. 16. 17. Turkish Speed Boat Rams Greek Border. Unser Newsticker zum Thema Syrien enthält aktuelle Nachrichten von heute Montag, dem 19. Oktober 2020, gestern und dieser Woche. In unserem Nachrichtenticker können Sie live die neuesten Eilmeldungen auf Deutsch von Portalen, Zeitungen, Magazinen und Blogs lesen sowie nach älteren Meldungen suchen. Einen separaten RSS-Feed bieten wir nicht an. Dieser News-Ticker ist unser Newsfeed zum Thema. Southfront: Die Techniker der Syrischen Armee haben damit begonnen, den Flughafen von Palmyra zu reparieren, um dort wieder Routineaktivitäte SouthFront is unique and influential, reaching a global audience of hundreds of thousands. They have opinion articles but their reports and videos are informational and factual. Their website says, SouthFront focuses on issues of international relations, armed conflicts and crises. We try to dig out the truth on issues which are barely.

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About Us. Proudly South Australian, we have extensive local experience, specialised expertise and a deep understanding of the opportunities available to improve the environment for our communities South Front 14 September 2020. Region: Middle East & North Africa. Theme: Intelligence, Terrorism, US NATO War Agenda. In-depth Report: SYRIA. Turkish forces have been passing through hard times in northwestern Syria. First a mysterious 'heart attack' that killed a Turkish general in Idlib. Then, Turkish military positions in the province of Aleppo were devastated by a series of rocket. Die Chronik des Bürgerkriegs in Syrien 2017 erfasst die Ereignisse des Bürgerkriegs in Syrien im Jahr 2017. Januar. Am 2. Januar setzten sich die Kämpfe in der Barada-Region nördlich der Hauptstadt Damaskus fort. Die Regierungstruppen und ihre Verbündeten griffen nach eigenen.

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The Syrian Navy, officially the Syrian Arab Navy (Arabic: البحرية العربية السورية ‎), is the navy branch of the Syrian Armed Forces.It is under the Syrian Army's Latakia regional command with its fleet based in the ports of Baniyas, Latakia, Minat al Bayda, and Tartus.It is the smallest of the Syrian Armed Forces DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — A Syrian Defense Ministry official said Israel's military fired missiles Monday night on areas south of the capital Damascus killing two soldiers, wounding seven and causing... UN official: COVID cases likely far higher than Syria says. By EDITH M. LEDERER August 27, 2020 GMT. UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Reports of Syrian health care facilities filling up and increasing.

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SouthFront Syrian War sitrep map update Readers may recall my trials with reading SouthFront maps but this one is reasonably clear, although you'll have to scroll right to read the color-coded keys, etc. because I couldn't stuff the entire enlarged size into the margins of this blog. Thank you, SouthFront! Posted by Pundita at 7/17/2019 01:01:00 AM. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post. Der Krieg hat Afrin bisher nicht erreicht, die kurdische Enklave in Syrien ist unzerstört. Dennoch ziehen die Menschen in Scharen nach Europa. Die Behörden wollen die Massenflucht stoppen - und. 1,000 fighters of the so-called Syrian National Army, a coalition of Turkish-funded militant groups, will be moved to Azerbaijan in September as a part of a 6-month long deployment, Syrian pro-militant media reported. According to reports, Turkish proxies will pass additional training and may even be deployed along the contact line with Armenian forces near [ This subreddit is dedicated to news, analysis and discussion on the conflicts in Syria and Iraq along with the regional and global ramifications. 95.8k. Members. 144. Online. Created May 6, 2013. Filter by flair. Pro-Qatar; Pro-KRG (KDP) Pro-Turkey; Pro-Russia; Misleading , yesterday; r/syriancivilwar Rules . 1. Rule 1: Civility. Comments must be civil and respectful of other users. Ad hominem. In the second half of the week the military situation in Syria's western Aleppo escalated. On April 22, Turkish forces shelled positions of the Syrian Army in western Aleppo. Pro-Turkish sources claimed that this shelling was a response to Syrian Army strikes on positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other al-Qaeda-linked groups near the villages [

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southfronttv's official website powered by Streamlab Syrian nationalism posited a common Syrian history and nationality, grouping all the different religious sects and variations in the area, as well as the region's mixture of different peoples.Thus, while not per se anti-Arab it opposed the Arab nationalist ideology and its pan-Arab underpinnings, that somewhat later was to grow all over the Arab world, not least in Syria itself The US is sending additional forces into Syria after a series of incidents between US and Russian troops in the country, according to three unnamed Pentagon officials speaking to NBC News.The.

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History of HTS in Syria - South Front. Close. 8. Posted by 4 months ago. History of HTS in Syria - South Front. youtu.be/xhnN8U... 7 comments. share. save hide report. 68% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Sort by. best. View discussions in 1 other community. level 1. 3 points · 4 months ago. I always suspected Al Nusra rebranded itself to HTS to try and get more. Thema Afrin bei der FAZ: Hier erhalten Sie ausführliche und aktuelle Nachrichten, Videos und Bilder zur syrischen Stadt . Jetzt lesen und anschauen SouthFront Syrian War Sitrep August 29: Militant Strongholds Fall Near Damascus Visit the SouthFront website for their video version of the following report. And as always with SouthFront, they're scrounging for donations. Their videos cost money to produce. They've done much to interest many members of the public, worldwide, in more closely following the Syrian War-- [chuckling] so much so.

The Syrian NDF was formed out of pro-government militias. They receive their salaries and military equipment from the government, and in 2013 numbered around 100,000 troops. The force acts in an infantry role, directly fighting against rebels on the ground and running counter-insurgency operations in coordination with the army, who provides them with logistical and artillery support

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Military Situation In Yemen On March 30, 2019 (Map Update)Syrian Troops Led By Brigadier General Suheil al-Hassan In
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